Stripping and Cleaning

strip and clean cleaning_s

Engines are stripped and thoroughly cleaned using the latest cleaning system which includes the Bake – Clean Oven, Shot Blaster and Shot Removal Tumbler Process. Once stripped, all the components are placed in a specially designed baking oven where all traces of sludge, grease and scale are burnt off.This method ensures that all inaccessible areas such as oil passages and galleys etc. are thoroughly cleaned. An added advantage of this process is that each component is stress relieved as it is left to cool down.The entire process is also environmentally friendly as the gas fired oven operates at temperatures 500 – 700 degrees F which burns off all unwanted deposits and converts them into harmless ashes which are non – toxic and easily disposed of.The above process is not complete without the shot blasting process which efficiently removes dry carbon, rust, paint and scale from components. The shot removal tumbler causes aggressive tumbling/rocking motion jars loose and removes residual shot from the various components.

All aluminium cylinder heads are cleaned internally and externally with the latest mini blast cleaning system. The medium utilised is sodium bicarbonate – based which allows for fast and effective degreasing and decarbonising of cylinder heads of all

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